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Plumbing Repair Information and Expert Tips

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Water and Sewer Leaks
Water leaks can be difficult to locate and costly, if not repaired before water accumulates and causes damage. Leaking water can also cause an unnecessarily high water bill. Homeowners should inspect their property regularly for signs of leaking water from their water supply pipes and sewer pipes. If you have discovered a plumbing problem, Complete Plumbing Services is available to diagnose the issues and give you an estimate for professional repair.

7 common signs and symptoms of a hidden water and sewer leaks

  1. The sound of flowing water, when no water is on
  2. Noticing an increase in your water usage as indicated on your water bill
  3. Higher than normal electric or gas bill, due to a leak in the hot water supply system
  4. Mildew or moisture present within the home
  5. Water stain spots on ceiling or walls
  6. Foul smells due to leaking sewer pipes
  7. Soggy area on the ground that won’t dry up

5 common locations of water leaks in plumbing

  1. Toilet flapper valve or around the base of the toilet
  2. Under slab or exterior – commonly caused by foundation issues, freezing temperatures, root damage, or wear and tear due to aging pipes
  3. Water heaters – Typically water heaters last about 10 years. Water leaking into a the water heater drip pan, rust or pooling water are indications that a water heater needs to be replaced immediately.
  4. Old or defective fixtures and valves
  5. Loose or worn out drain pipes
Kitchen and Bath Fixture Repairs
Faucet and Sink Repairs & Installation
Let Complete Plumbing Services’ licensed and insured plumbers assist you with all of your sink and faucet installations and repairs. Leaking around plumbing fixtures can be caused by damaged or worn out parts. Seals are damaged due to normal wear and tear or corrosion.

Toilet Sales, Repairs & Installation
Our experienced plumbers can assist you with all of your toilet repairs including:
-New installation of toilets
-A constantly running toilet, due to leaks
-Toilets leaking from the tank or at the base
-Valve repair or replacement for toilet water lines
-Replacement of flappers & fill valves
-Repair of toilet flange

Tub and Shower Sales, Repairs & Installation
Our technicians are licensed and trained to handle all tub and shower repairs. We take pride in doing the repair correctly. When you choose Complete Plumbing Services for your tub installation or replacement you’ve chosen a company that values quality workmanship and customer service. We will assist our customer’s and give them the best options for their needs.

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling
Renovating your kitchen or bath? Call Complete Plumbing Services today to schedule a consultation.



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