Hot Water Heaters Repaired or Replaced

We furnish and install quality water heaters. Complete Plumbing Services provides high quality residential and commercial water heaters and ensures proper installation that meets or exceeds your local plumbing codes. We have energy efficient and space saving standard and tankless water heater models available in gas or electric.

Water Heater Inspection

Inspection of Gas, Electric, Tankless Water Heaters .

water heater leaks

A rusted or damage tank is often the cause of a leaky water heater

water heater repairs

Faulty water heater parts can often be replaced

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Water Heater Information and Expert Tips

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Solving Problems with your Water Heater
Water Heater Sales and Service
We can install Gas, Electric, and Tankless water heaters. Call us today for a free quote.

Gas and Electric Water Heaters
We can troubleshoot problems with all gas and electric water heaters and recommend replacement options when necessary. Replacing faulty water heater parts is sometimes the most cost effective solution to a water heater problem. If a water heater is rusted and leaking, then a full replacement is usually necessary.

Tankless Water Heaters
Tankless water heaters operate by rapidly heating up your water as it flows through the water heater, as opposed to a traditional water heater that constantly maintains the temperature of a large reserve of hot water (usually around 30-60 gallons in a residential home). There are several advantages for having a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters can not only reduce energy cost but they can also save space.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Fix your Water Heater
• Reliable Water Heaters and Quality Parts
• Manufacturers Warranty, ask your technician for details
• Professional Installation
• Save Time and Money
• Cost Effective and Guaranteed
• Energy Efficiency
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